Jacob Carter

Jacob Carter is the Founder of Tellus Partners, an investment firm focused on real estate and agribusiness investments. Prior to re-launching Tellus, he completed 15 farmland transactions for the church-owned endowment, Farmland Reserve ($15B AUM). Jacob also completed one of AcreTrader‘s largest orchard investments in 2021, and was involved in several others. He was the Director of Investments at Linden Global Strategies ($3B AUM). In 2011, he helped launch that business by building the investment platform and overseeing all direct investments. Until 2011, Jacob was an investor with a New York-based family office ($1B AUM). Previously, he held positions with investment teams at Morgan Stanley and Merrill Lynch. Throughout market cycles, Jacob identified and executed meaningful investments across capital structures, strategies, and asset classes.

He is an Adjunct Professor of Economics at BYU, an investor in real estate technologies Tillable.com and UseInk.com, and a member of The Economic Club of New York. Jacob received his MS from the London School of Economics and Political Science. Born into a Western ranching family, Jacob currently resides in Salt Lake City with his daughters Elizabeth and Genevieve.